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Over 20 years of experience dedicated
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​​​​​​​Gregor Eye Care serving Overland Park Kansas for over 20 years. Leslie Gregor OD provides the community with comprehensive eye health examinations and fashion eyewear to meet all your changing visual needs for the entire family. From Spectacles, Contact lenses, dry eye and red eye evaluations & treatment, Cataract & Lasik evaluation & postoperative care, and concussion treatment.

Autologous Tear Serum For
Dry Eye Treatment

​​​​​​​Autologous Serum is customized drops from a patient’s own blood diluted in sterile saline or hyaluronic acid. With this formula, it is most similar to the same components of human tears to be able to create an effective replacement of manufactured tears.

Cutting Edge Technology

​​​​​​​Maintaining your ocular health and vision is an ongoing process. Dr. Gregor believes in using the latest technology so she can efficiently compare data from the current visit and previous years. Detecting subtle changes in your visual system and ocular health can be the key to finding sight threatening diseases before they progress and result in permanent vision loss.

Dr. Gregor will always have your chart at her fingertips

Accuracy and privacy are two important components of each patient record. Maintaining your medical health information electronically, instead of with an old fashioned paper chart, allows increased confidence in the accuracy of the data stored and efficiency in data comparison between visits.

Your Eye Health is Our Priority

Myopia Management

Myopia is a very common issue throughout the world. While myopia may seem like such a common condition that it shouldn’t be cause for concern, it is actually associated with several very serious conditions that can threaten one’s ability to see.

Specialty Contact Lenses

The contact lens industry is continually evolving. We are proud to provide a full range of the newest contact lenses, services and solutions. Dr. Gregor is dedicated to keeping up with the latest technological advances so she can fit even those hard-to-fit patients.

Dry Eye Treatment

Dr. Gregor treats Medical Office Visits such as, Ocular Surface Disease, Red Eyes, Allergies and many other eye conditions. Decreased tear production can be caused by increased age, contact lens wear, certain medications, eye diseases, or other medical conditions.


We help change the lives of children whose classroom performance and athletic activities may be hindered by nearsightedness. Paragon CRT® and iSee® contact lenses are designed for overnight wear and correct vision while your child sleeps.

Glaucoma Management

You might be surprised at how many tests eye doctors use to diagnose glaucoma. A proper diagnosis requires careful evaluation of many aspects of your eye’s health – from eye pressure to cornea thickness to the health of your optic nerve.

Concussion Therapy

Concussions can affect the vision center in your brain which can lead to double vision, light sensitivity, and balance issues. Even though a concussion may be minor, it is still considered a brain injury that can have lasting debilitating effects on your visual system.

About Dr. Leslie Gregor

Dr. Leslie A. Gregor and Gregor Eye Care have brought comprehensive vision and eye health care to South Overland Park for over 25 years. Dr. Gregor received her Bachelor Of Arts degree in Biology from Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX. and her doctorate degree from Southern California College of Optometry, Fullerton, CA. As a committed professional, Dr. Gregor maintains her memberships with the American Optometric Association and the Kansas Optometric Association. Dr. Gregor served as past president of the Greater Kansas City Zone for the KOA for 6 years.

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